What we have to offer.

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If someone was to ask you this question, what would you say?

“What do you have to offer the world?”

[insert blank stare]


My journey can be traced back to when I started writing when I was fourteen. Stories upon stories in notebooks that I still have today – hoarder confession. Characters that gave me an escape, a place to feel calm and myself.

Now, I will not regale you with childhood stories about geekdom and such. I’m who I am and it took me some time to accept that and be okay with it. I can honestly attribute that to my writing.

Which was another reason it was a secret. I never showed anyone my words. Why would I when they were so personal?

That’s the kicker. After some many years, I’m finally back to writing for me. I had so many roadblocks that were mostly in my mind that I forgot to just write for my heart. For that fourteen year old girl who needed to get her expressions out in some creative format.

My notebook this time is this blog.


My Aspiring Author Manifesto

I have been involved in the book world as a reader and blogger for awhile. It wasn’t until the new year did I decide to chase the dream I have had since I could remember. 

Write my book. That book that keeps talking to me. Over and over.


It isn’t that simple. This is a business and you have an image that in this day of social media can be quickly tarnished or trashed.

As an aspiring author, this is what I have learned so far:

Do write because I want to. For no other reason than to get it out if my head and share with the world. Or at least my family who will buy my book, LOL.

Don’t worry (or try not to) about how many people read my stories and what they think. Work really, really hard at this. Become an armadillo if I must.

Do cherish my words getting out there. Each comment, each like, each share on social media is exciting.

Don’t forget that words are powerful. Be careful how you use them. If I’m angry think before I type or talk.

Do use my means of social media to connect honestly with readers, bloggers and authors.

Don’t only use social media to promote me. While it is my means to get my name out there, I can’t expect people to share mine words and not share theirs.

Do remember all relationships are a give and take. Appreciate them all.

Don’t be taken advantage of. I deserve respect especially since I give it.

Do what makes me happy. 

Write it.

~LK Westhaver