What we have to offer.

Image of cup of coffee and objects for hand drawing and male hands over notepad
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If someone was to ask you this question, what would you say?

“What do you have to offer the world?”

[insert blank stare]


My journey can be traced back to when I started writing when I was fourteen. Stories upon stories in notebooks that I still have today – hoarder confession. Characters that gave me an escape, a place to feel calm and myself.

Now, I will not regale you with childhood stories about geekdom and such. I’m who I am and it took me some time to accept that and be okay with it. I can honestly attribute that to my writing.

Which was another reason it was a secret. I never showed anyone my words. Why would I when they were so personal?

That’s the kicker. After some many years, I’m finally back to writing for me. I had so many roadblocks that were mostly in my mind that I forgot to just write for my heart. For that fourteen year old girl who needed to get her expressions out in some creative format.

My notebook this time is this blog.